Our Capacity

Our Advantage

Based in Hennepin, IL Marquis Energy is strategically positioned for global distribution via direct access to the Illinois River, a Class I railroad, and numerous interstate highways. Our production team uses its extensive knowledge of our facility's Fagen-ICM design to develop industry leading production levels. High efficiency, worldwide market access, and a production capacity exceeding 365 million gallons contribute to our proven track record. Our risk management strategy routinely provides the ability to capture opportunities in various markets.
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Products & Processes

Ethanol is a high octane, high performance, renewable fuel used as an oxygenate in gasoline. Marquis' ethanol is produced through the age-old process of fermentation, enhanced by cutting-edge enzymatic and technological developments, to efficiently convert the starch in corn to fermentable sugar.

The success of our biorefinery is a result of our ability to use every part of a kernel of corn to its maximum benefit. Squeezing every drop of ethanol from that kernel requires chemistry, consistency, and communication. Marquis excels in these areas, and has a track record of industry-leading production capabilities.

About Us

Hennepin, IL was selected as the ideal site for the initial 100 million gallon per year facility in 2005. The facility's production capacity currently exceeds 365 million gallons per year.


The Marquis family grew up within 20 miles of the Marquis Energy site in Hennepin, IL and strongly believe in being good corporate citizens. We are proud to provide the opportunity for residents of Central Illinois to work locally, often near the area in which they were raised.


Marquis Energy uses state of the art technology to control all temperatures, pressures and flows in the facility. These controls minimize variability and maximize production efficiency. Utilizing the most advanced enzymes, yeasts, and available technologies allow Marquis to reduce the resources needed to produce ethanol. Limiting these inputs helps Marquis Energy reduce its carbon footprint, while efficiently producing the world's only readily-available alternative to petroleum-based fossil fuels.