Daycare Teacher

Duties and Responsibilities

Maintain confidentiality about staff, children, and parents.

Communicate with other staff, children, and parent’s daily.

Assist Director in implementing all policies and rules of the Center & Follow DCFS regulations.

Assist on field trips, extra daycare activities, etc.

Clean, set and prepare tables for meals & snacks, clean floors, tables, and chairs afterwards.

Supervise groups of children in classroom, playground, and center outings.

Clean classroom daily (sweep, mop, vacuum, sanitize, clean bathrooms, restock paper towels, toilet paper, etc.), take trash out and stock first aid kits as needed.

Keep classroom clean, organized, and free of clutter & odor. Wash children’s cot bedding weekly or as soon as needed.

Consult with the Director about suspected cases of child abuse or neglect and complete “OUCH” reports as accidents occur.

Keep “daily activity sheets” on each child to be sent home.



Qualifications from 407.140 (33-34):

Shall be at least 19 years of age

Shall have a high school diploma or GED


All requirements in 407.100 including:

60 semester hours of credits from a college/university with 6 semester hours in courses directly related to child care or child development and 1 year experience in a licensed day care center; or

1 complete year of experience in a child care setting and 30 semester hours with 6 being in child development or early childhood education.


Certified in First Aid/CPR, SIDS, SUID, SBS, Mandated Reporter, and Welcoming Each & Every Child.

Willing to obtain a food handlers certificate as well as Early Childhood Education credential level 1, 2, 3, or 4 from Gateways of Opportunity.


Physical requirements

Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs. Must be able to stand or sit for extended periods of time.