Employees in the community


The employees at Marquis are driven individuals who make a difference in improving the public’s access to more affordable choices at the gas pump, cleaner air and energy independence.

Many of our employees continue their investment into our community beyond the work walls.

Dan Yepsen is our board operator in the plant and is responsible for overseeing and monitoring direct operations of the production facility. His position ensures we accurately adjust plant controls to meet quality control specifications, while optimizing plant production.

The plant runs around the clock, allowing Dan to work a swing shift. “With the swing shift schedule that I work, it affords me time to be active in my children’s lives,” says Dan. “I currently make time once or twice a month to read books to my son’s kindergarten class at Princeton Elementary.”

Marquis is proud of Dan’s commitment to the community and his family. “Seeing the children’s happy faces when I enter the room brightens my day and I know I am fostering in them a love for reading,” says Dan. “Marquis Energy has been a great company to work for and seeing the involvement they have in the community makes it easy to want to contribute in the community as well.”