Ethanol: Strengthening Illinois’ Economy


As a leading producer of corn, Illinois is uniquely positioned to benefit from ethanol production, helping to revitalize its economy.

Ethanol production in Illinois has boosted the state’s economy in revenue and full-time jobs.

Illinois now sees over $5 billion in economic impact and over 4,000 full-time jobs due to the state’s robust ethanol production.

Ethanol is the clear winner in air quality, energy security and affordability,” says Mark Marquis, CEO of Marquis Energy. “We produce our ethanol with corn, the most renewable crop on earth, and are able to provide our local communities and international neighbors with these benefits.”

Illinois’ ethanol industry also produces $37 million in state and local revenue and $39 million in federal revenue.

Illinois ethanol producers continue to steer the state’s economy with positive growth and cleaner and more affordable fuel.

With a production capacity of about one million gallons of fuel grade ethanol per day, Marquis Energy is the largest dry-mill ethanol facility in the United States.