Marquis Energy joins Senator Duckworth on river tour


Marquis Energy joined Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth on a barge tour of the Mississippi River to discuss river freight and infrastructure.

Marquis Energy is strategically located on the Illinois River for superior logistics. River infrastructure is critical to Marquis, with around half our production being exported via inland barges.

It is important that Senator Duckworth and our legislators know how economical and environmentally-friendly river transportation is to businesses in our country.

During our time with Senator Duckworth, we discussed pending repairs and lock closures on the Illinois River, and potential solutions for businesses who rely on on the river to transport their goods.

We will continue moving our industry forward as we emphasize how our homegrown fuel makes our nation more energy independent, and provides cleaner air and more affordable options for consumers at the gas pump.

With a production capacity of about one million gallons of fuel grade ethanol per day, Marquis Energy is the largest dry-mill ethanol facility in the United States.