Marquis Energy Revamps Company’s Core Values


After being in business for 8 years and hiring a number of new personnel in October of 2015 the plant management team felt it would be worth the time and effort to revisit and update the company’s core values system.  Marquis prides itself on living these core values every day.  Marquis hopes that all personnel strive for and apply these values to daily activities. 

Jeremy Frerichs, Plant Manager, said, “A large and diverse group of employees were selected to provide input in the formation of these new core values.  I believe that they represent not only what is important to the company,  but what our employees feel are important to them. ”

The updated core values are listed and explained below.

Safety: Safety is our top priority.  We want our employees to return home in the same condition as when they walk through our doors.

Honesty: We value doing the right thing. We strive to be open, direct and respectful in all communications and dealings with each other.

Excellence: We always strive to do our best.  We are committed to excellence with an eye on operational efficiency and financial success.

Growth: We are opportunistic.  We are open to new business pursuits that move our company forward.