Marquis funds therapy services to local children


A now yearly tradition, Marquis companies and employees pick a charity to fund for Christmas. This season, the non-profit Starved Rock Regional Center (SRRC) was chosen as a charity.

“Our company noticed the growing need for therapy services for young children, and Starved Rock Regional Center is the premier provider of occupational, developmental and speech therapies for children struggling in these areas,” says Mark Marquis, CEO of Marquis companies. “We know our contribution to these vital therapy services will allow SRRC to reach more children with their life-changing services and set these children on the right track for a bright future.”

The Marquis companies incorporate a special incentive to each employee’s donation. The company matches each dollar by five times. “My family believes in being good stewards of our community and know how rewarding it is to see the children in our community thrive,” says Mark Marquis. “Marquis employees also see that benefit and we want to help their generous contribution extend even further. That is why we decided to multiply each employee’s gift times five. This year, our employees contributed over $13,000 to SRRC and their mission to provide therapy services to children with and without special needs. We are all proud to take part in this life-changing charity.”