Marquis proud supporter of Another Child Foundation



Marquis Grain Inc. and Marquis Energy LLC have partnered with Another Child Foundation again this year with ACF’s 10K Bushel Project, which supports at-risk children here in the US and around the world. This is the third consecutive year Marquis has participated in this program. The donation from Marquis is based on the number of loads of corn dumped at the Hennepin, IL plant during the month of October. “The program was setup to recognize how blessed we are to live in this country and work in the agriculture industry”, says Marquis Grain President, Jeff Peterson. This year Marquis dumped 10,841 loads of corn during the month of October. “This number has grown as we have expanded the plant and we are glad to help children in this way through Another Child Foundation”, says Marquis Energy COO Jason Marquis.

The 10K bushel project is an effort to involve local farmers and businesses to support vulnerable children throughout the world. Local farmers are indeed the providers of much of the world’s food. Here in the mid-west, farmers have been richly blessed with the ability to grow corn in amazing quantities. Another Child Foundation partners with businesses and local farmers to tend to the needs of at-risk children in our community and world. The donation of a farmer’s first bushels of grain will help rid the world of malnutrition. Whether it was 50, 100, or 200 bushels, participants support will help at-risk children here in Central Illinois and throughout the world!