President Trump may rule against biofuels—again


You may have heard rumblings of biofuels in the news the past few days. Let me give you a quick synopsis on the current dealings at the federal level.

In January, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the law and ruled against three oil refineries for their failure to blend biofuels into the gasoline supply at their facilities. These refineries obtained small refinery exemptions under the Trump administration they had not consistently received in previous years.

Those exempted gallons from small refinery exemptions have damaged corn farmers and the ethanol industry by over a billion gallons of lost demand in 2019 alone. This January court ruling against three oil refineries was poised to be applied nationwide by the White House. It would in turn end exemptions for several oil refineries who blatantly abused the system and do not meet the qualifications for economic hardships these waivers were intended to help.

Now, the situation is evolving. Big oil advocates are lobbying President Trump, and sources say they are turning him against this court decision being applied nationally.

We will be watching for President Trump’s decision and will not take kindly to a betrayal of America’s hardworking farmers.