Spotlight: Employees in the community, Andy Lanxon


The employees at Marquis are driven individuals who make a difference in improving the public’s access to more affordable choices at the gas pump, cleaner air and energy security.

Many of our employees continue their investment into our community beyond the work walls.

Andy Lanxon is a material handler at Marquis and is involved in the grain handling systems, loading of ethanol and our co-product dried distillers grains, as well as chemical deliveries and water treatment equipment at the Hennepin, IL facility.

He has volunteered his time to his community by serving as the volunteer fire chief in Sheffield, IL. Andy has been an active member of the fire department for the past eighteen years and was named the fire chief six years ago.

“I love the opportunity to help people in need and I can’t think of a better way than to respond to emergencies as often as I can. Our department operates as a close-knit team and I very much enjoy the camaraderie. I’ve even used a few of the things I have learned on the Marquis safety team in my firefighting endeavors,” says Andy.

Marquis is proud of Andy’s commitment to the community as a volunteer fire chief, a family man and as an instrumental part of the operations at Marquis.