Spotlight: Employees in the community, Brandy Sandberg


The employees at Marquis are driven individuals who make a difference in improving the public’s access to more affordable choices at the gas pump, cleaner air and energy security.

Many of our employees continue their investment into our community beyond the work walls.

Brandy Sandberg is an accountant at Marquis and helps keep things running smoothly at the Hennepin, IL facility.

Brandy is heavily involved in her local community through her role as Village President of McNabb and her involvement in Putnam County Rotary.

As Village President of McNabb, IL, Brandy and the rest of the village board make important decisions to benefit their local community and maintain the village’s daily operations.

Brandy also keeps busy as a board member and secretary of Putnam County Rotary. She is currently heading a project to provide students with a safe alternate to post-prom parties.

Brandy’s most rewarding job is being a wife and a mother to three wonderful children. Brandy stresses community involvement, saying, “It’s rewarding investing in your community and seeing people’s lives changed for the better. It’s also been a great teaching tool for my children. It’s been a blessing watching them get involved in their own way.”

Marquis is proud of Brandy’s commitment to the community as a public servant, as a dedicated mother and as an instrumental part of the operations at Marquis.