Spotlight: Employees in the community, Jon Small


The employees at Marquis are driven individuals who make a difference in improving the public’s access to more affordable choices at the gas pump, cleaner air and energy security.

Many of our employees continue their investment into our community beyond the office walls.

Jon Small is the IT System Administrator at Marquis and troubleshoots issues with computers, printers, phones and pretty much anything else with wires.

Jon volunteers his time as a coach of the local roller derby team. Jon began coaching seven years ago and even involves the team in community events. “The girls frequently refer to the team as their ‘derby family’ and I couldn’t agree more. Not only do I spend practice and bout time with these awesome girls, but we also participate in community and fundraising events,” says Jon.

Another one of Jon’s hobbies is dirt track racing. “About every Saturday is a family event at the track. My brother is also a driver and my wife and parents are there cheering us on. It’s a great way to stay involved with the community,” says Jon.

Jon is most proud of his new role as a dad to a beautiful baby girl. “The best part about this year is I have become a father and have an amazing family community to introduce my daughter to. I am so excited to be sharing these parts of my life with her.”

“As an employee of Marquis, I support a company that believes in giving back to the community and supporting the work their employees do in the community,” says Jon. “My involvement in the community is something I do with my family to give back. The fact that we get to have fun doing it together is a bonus!”

Marquis is proud of Jon’s commitment to the community as a coach and racer, as a family man and as an instrumental part of the operations at Marquis.