Spotlight: Employees in the community


The employees at Marquis are driven individuals who make a difference in improving the public’s access to more affordable choices at the gas pump, cleaner air and energy security.

Many of our employees continue their investment into our community beyond the work walls.

Brandon Hewitt is the Materials Manager at Marquis and is responsible for all the incoming and outgoing products at the Hennepin, IL location. He ensures the corn is delivered and stored properly, along with all the outgoing ethanol, corn oil and dry distillers grain (DDG) via barge, rail car and truck.

Brandon is also a part of the Illinois Army National Guard and serves in the cavalry unit. “I want to give back to my community and the Army National Guard is the best way for me to aid my community with local disaster assistance or overseas deployments,” he states. “I’m also “Dada” to three beautiful girls, Audrina (5), Kathryn (4) and Natalie (1), and husband to my wonderful wife, Jenelle. They are a driving force in my commitment to bettering the lives in my community.”

Marquis is proud of Brandon’s commitment to the community through his service in the Illinois Army National Guard, as a family man and as an instrumental part of the operations at Marquis.