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Application Deadline

May 18, 2018

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Scroll through the application and take note of everything you’ll need to complete the scholarship application:

  • You must be enrolled during the Fall 2018 semester at Black Hawk College, Black Hawk – East College, Illinois Central College or Sauk Valley Community College.
  • You must be pursuing one of the certificates or degrees listed in the Terms and Conditions¬†of this scholarship.
  • You must live within 90 miles of the Marquis Energy, LLC facility in Hennepin, IL to be eligible for the scholarship.

    The application deadline has passed. This form is provided for reference purposes only. Thank you for your interest in the Marquis Energy scholarship application.

    What endorsements, certifications or skills do you plan on acquiring through your course of study?

    If your school uses a scale other than 4.0, please convert this value to a 4.0 scale.

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    What is your dream job and why?
    * Tell us in 200-400 words.

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